Women’s Election Victories were Fueled by Two Years of Intense Activism and Anger by Women, Says NWLC

The following is a statement by Fatima Goss Graves, President and CEO of the National Women’s Law Center:

“Women in America made history yesterday—winning a record-breaking 112 seats in Congress, the most ever won in a single election. The next Congress will include two Muslim women and two Native Women American women for the first time, joining many other barrier-breaking women. These victories were fueled by two years of intense activism, organizing and anger by women—and voters—across the country who saw what was at stake with Trump’s divisive ideology. Whether it was women running for office for the first time, voters casting their ballots for inclusive agendas on health, education, the economy, criminal justice, transgender equality and immigration, or citizens fighting ongoing systemic racism and voter suppression at the polls, individuals across the country sent a resounding message: enough is enough. This collective rebuke of this administration’s stoking of hate and fear isn’t just a symbolic victory. This election has changed the face of Congress and is a much-needed boost for our country.”


For immediate release:  November 7, 2018

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