NWLC Responds to Pennsylvania State Supreme Court Ruling in Cosby Case

(Washington, D.C.) The following is a statement from Fatima Goss Graves, president and CEO of the National Women’s Law Center and co-founder of the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund:


“It will be tempting to focus on the man at the center of this case, found guilty by a jury of his peers and accused by dozens of women over a course of decades. But in light of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s ruling, it is more critical than ever for the media and lawmakers to remind themselves that justice for survivors must start with the survivors themselves. Today’s ruling does not invalidate their experiences or those of countless other survivors of sexual violence, nor did it cast doubt on their testimony. No court in the country can strip them of the courage and resolve they’ve shown to prevent future harm to more women like them. What it does affirm, however, is the need for a new vision of justice built on removing the barriers and rewriting the narratives that silence survivors every day. That mission is hardly halted by today’s ruling, and we will never lose sight of the voices that must matter the most in our courts, our legislators, and our society.”