NWLC Reacts to the Death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

(Washington, D.C.) The following is a statement from Fatima Goss Graves, President and CEO of the National Women’s Law Center:

“Our country has lost a fearless champion of justice, a pillar of the law, and a bearer of its conscience. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing is cause for us to pause and honor the unparalleled mark she has left on this country. From co-founding the ACLU’s Women’s Rights Project, to bringing the first case striking down a law that discriminated against women, to building the case that defined the standard for sex discrimination cases, Ginsburg was a visionary who revolutionized the gender equality movement – and the law – long before becoming a Supreme Court justice.

“For our country, Ginsburg’s ethos was greater than just the law. She was an icon and a living symbol of a north star, so we must unite and do for her what she did for us – fight for what is right. With only 45 days away from the election, it’s outrageous to consider filling her seat until the next president and congress are installed. Ginsburg’s most recent term on the Court makes crystal clear how vital the role of a justice is in every facet of society, from the right to abortion and birth control, to access to the ballot, to securing rights and protections for LGBTQ individuals, Native Americans and immigrants.

“While our country continues to move through the pandemic, an economic crisis, and addressing its racist past and present, we deserve a Court that builds the solid ground for our rights – not a slippery slope. We deserve a justice who understands the reality of the lives of people across the country. Justice Ginsburg’s legacy deserves better. Our country deserves better.”