At the National Women’s Law Center, we believe that justice for her is justice for all. We will never achieve equality and opportunity for all women without centering those who face the most inequities in society—Black and brown women, LGBTQ people, and women with disabilities. We lead efforts on behalf of women’s rights groups to ensure that protections against workplace discrimination include LGBTQ workers. We strive to upend narratives around sexual harassment that don’t explicitly include the experiences of Black survivors. And we work to fill the gaps in our laws, policies, and culture that don’t serve communities that are pushed to the margins.

Rage Is The Name of the Game: I’ve always been an avid sports fan but there’s just something about women athletes banding together in acts of rage, of any variety, that soothes my soul.

Rage Is the Name of the Game

#FreeBritney…and All Women.

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