Posted on May 2, 2019 Issues: Discrimination in Health Care

“This election is highlighting the power of a black woman voter,” said Vacheria Tutson, a fellow on the reproductive rights and health team at the National Women’s Law Center. “People are trying to figure out, ‘What are the issues that black women care about?’ And I think black women care about other black women dying.”

…But while Tutson, of the National Women’s Law Center, liked much of the policy Warren that outlined — and that Warren stressed that reforms should be led by women of color — she said, “I don’t think she said anything that was like brand-new.”

Tutson was also skeptical about whether the Democratic Party is actually committed to solving the crisis; she wants to see a question about maternal mortality asked at a Democratic debate. “That’s when I’ll take presidential candidates seriously.”

Outlet: Vice
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