5 Ways to Fight for Your Reproductive Rights in the Era of Trump

Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed Resolution 7, which effectively seeks to deny insurance coverage of abortion. It’s the latest in a series of controversial moves from President Trump and his ilk. Trump, who has promised to repeal the Affordable Care Act, has also signed an executive order to ban federal funds to International Planned Parenthood, the organization on which so many women rely to obtain safe abortions, as well as cancer and STD screenings. “We are expecting an onslaught of actions from the Trump administration, and from this new Congress, that are going to roll back important gains women have made,” says Gretchen Borchelt, vice president for Reproductive Rights and Health at the National Women’s Law Center. “It’s looking very bad.” Bad, but certainly not hopeless, thanks in large part to the momentum generated by the recent Women’s March in Washington—and Toronto, and Rome, and Antarctica, and beyond—a movement that is inspiring a new wave of grit and optimism. Millions of women are learning firsthand the thrill of exercising the right to come together and speak up, raising their voices on social media platforms and within their communities in rejection of what threatens to become the new normal. Here are five ways to take action and make a personal impact in the new era of activism.