NWLC Calls Upon Trump to Stand Up for Women

We are alarmed by the threats that the Trump administration agenda poses to women and families across the country. That’s why the National Women’s Law Center today joins more than 300 organizations across the nation that advocate for women’s rights, equality, justice and inclusion in writing to Donald Trump and urging him to build a more fair, just and equal nation that will help ensure that all women—particularly including women of color, immigrant women, LGBTQ people, women with disabilities, and women with low incomes –have the opportunity to succeed and thrive in this country. We write immediately after the President has set out his agenda in his first address to Congress, in the first days of Women’s History Month, to send a clear message that America’s women and their families will fight against any efforts to undo hard-fought gains and take the country backward.
The priorities set out in the women’s community letter reflect the importance of effective policies serving women across their lifespans and regardless of income, identity or background and fall into six broad categories:

  1. Creating Workplaces that Work for Women and Their Families
  2. Securing Quality Health Care and Reproductive Rights
  3. Ensuring Income Security for All Families
  4. Addressing and Preventing Violence
  5. Building a Quality, Affordable and Equitable Education System
  6. Securing Women’s Equality Under Law

We will evaluate this administration against these markers and will measure its success by how women have fared during its tenure. When the country’s 157 million women have an equal opportunity to succeed, our entire society and economy benefit.   Read the letter here.