Euphoria Season 2, Episode 8 Recap: A Curtain Call on Season Two

Well, we made it through another season of Euphoria, y’all. I’ve had so many feelings (read: tears), thoughts, and questions after this week’s finale, and I’m sure you have, too. Why did Elliot get a whole 5-minute scene to sing his little song to Rue but we got no resolution to the Laurie and Rue situation? Why did we have to suffer through the Ash and Fez scene but only got snippets of Maddy and Cassie fighting? I’ve got more questions but I’ll save those. Let’s get into what I loved about this finale. 

“Art Should Be Dangerous”

Lexi’s play continued, but not without its fair share of on- and off-stage drama. After some unwanted audience participation from Cassie, Suze Howard attempted to hold the play together while protecting both of her daughters. As a fight ensued, Lexi hid and considered giving up on telling her story and axing the play all together after her sister’s outburst. 

Enter supportive best friend Bobbi with a one-liner of reassurance: “art should be dangerous.” Art should be dangerous and it should evoke feelings in its audience—happy or sad. Art—whether it’s written words, sculptures, murals, songs—has a place in the world to challenge norms and express the artists’ feelings. Without the ability to critique and hold people accountable, we wouldn’t see change or progress. So many things have happened and gotten done in our world because artists and activists dared to be dangerous and Lexi is no different.

Gif of Maddy saying,

“The Show Goes On”

After Bobbi’s encouraging words, Lexi’s play resumes and the episode ends with some bittersweet confrontations we’ve been waiting for throughout the season. Rue is clean and making amends with people she’s hurt and people who have hurt her. Maddy and Cassie seem to have started repairs to their friendship post-fight, with Maddy offering a somber warning about Nate’s abusive habits. Nate uses his anger to  turn over his Dad’s secret to the police—causing inevitable harm to Jules in the process. Last but not least, we see the scene that has been building all season come to a head with a violent, SWAT team ambush with Fez, Ash, and Faye. Each storyline has woven new branches—and cliffhangers!— that will no doubt continue  when we see our favorite East Highland students again next season. 

“I’ve Been Through a Lot and I Don’t Know What To Do With It”

I know the timing of this week’s episode could not have foreseen the current climate our world is facing but it felt sentient nonetheless. With imperialist invasions and wars; entering year three of a global pandemic; states passing laws with the specific purpose of harming people seeking abortions, trans kids, and educators wanting to teach history; it’s safe to say we’re going through a lot. For a lot of us, personal and professional stresses have compounded on top of the broader global unrest, making these past few years some of the darkest we’ve ever seen. For most Millennials and Gen Z people, our lives have been filled with seemingly never-ending trauma and responses which can box us into having a bleak (at best) outlook on life. Whether you think of yourself as a Lexi or a Rue in how you deal with everything, acknowledge that you’ve been through a lot and it’s okay if you don’t know what to do with it. 

gif of Rue slowly smiling