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Write a Strong Op-ed or LTE

Tips for Writing:

  • Timely – The best time to write an op-ed or LTE about child care is when child care has already been in the news! If there was a story in your local news, a hearing in Congress, or a big national event, it can be a great time to submit an op-ed to your local paper because there is a hook!
  • Personal – The best op-eds showcase a personal story. Facts and figures are important, but people remember stories more than they’ll ever remember a statistic! Be brave and tell us why you’re writing and why this matters to you!
  • Concise – Don’t feel pressure to make your op-ed very long! Some of the best ones are short and to the point. Aim for 400 to 500 words for an op-ed or 150 to 200 for an LTE.

Tips for Publishing:

  • Consider Local Papers – Reaching a local audience is a very good thing! There’s a lot of noise at the national level, and sometimes it’s important to change the minds of voters and policy makers in your own backyard. Plus, Members of Congress care a lot about what’s published in their local papers.
  • Read the Submission Guidelines – Most papers will have a way to submit an op-ed or letter to the editor on their Editorial or Opinion page. Additionally, you’ll only want to submit to one paper at a time so you don’t end up in a pickle where two outlets run the same piece.
  • Follow-up – If you don’t hear back in a few days (this is pretty normal), feel free to email the submission team to get a firm answer.

Once Published:

  • Congratulations! – If you’re successful publishing an op-ed or LTE, you’ll want to share it far and wide! This can mean sending it to friends and family via email, posting it on your facebook and twitter, and even emailing it to NWLC for us to share!

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