Are You “All In” This Roe Anniversary?

It may seem odd that I am going to say this, but I am ALL IN today on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.
You may be thinking, how could she be in a celebratory mood given the bruising confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh, or how states are pressing forward blatantly unconstitutional bans and restrictions on abortion, or the Trump-Pence Administration doing everything it can to restrict abortion (all neatly laid out in their press release championing their terrible efforts)? You may also be thinking (as you should be), what is the Roe anniversary to the many people – particularly those struggling to make ends meet, communities of color, and other populations who already face barriers to care– for whom access to abortion is not a reality?
The truth is, I am very worried about the state of abortion access today and what it will be in the future. I am worried a majority on the Supreme Court will chip away at Roe, bit by bit, so that all that is left of Roe is a shell of its former 1973 self.
But today, I am positive about Roe day because we won in 1973, and we shouldn’t forget that.
When the Supreme Court held that the U.S. Constitution protects an individual’s right to decide whether to have an abortion, peoples’ lives were forever changed. Forty-six years ago, the Supreme Court recognized that the decision about whether to carry a pregnancy to term is a deeply personal, private one that should be left to the individual – something that a strong majority of Americans recognize as well.
So on Roe’s anniversary, I am taking a moment to positively reflect on what Roe means to me — which is the profound and important recognition that the right to abortion is central to our dignity, equality, and economic security.
So today, and every day, we celebrate Roe. And today, like every year, we recommit ourselves to #FightforRoe. And today, like every day, we fight to make sure everyone has access to abortion, regardless of their income, zip code, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, or immigration status.