An Assault on Our Rights: Donald Trump’s Cabinet Nominees

President-elect Donald Trump has nominated a cabinet that is determined to roll back our rights. These nominees personify the agenda conservatives are pushing to control our bodies, our freedom, our economic security, and our future.
During confirmation hearings this month, they’ll be asked about their plans for the policies and regulations that govern us. We have seen their records, and we’ll be watching closely and checking the facts. And we won’t be fooled.
We must hold these nominees – historically unfit to lead their respective agencies – accountable, just as we must tell our senators that we are watching how they vote. And we’ll remember which side of history they were on. We’ve fought so hard for the progress we’ve made for women and families — we can’t let the Trump administration throw it all away.
Here’s what you should know about each nominee and how you can take action:

Alexander Acosta

BLOG: Five Things You Should Know About Alex Acosta
LETTER: Letter of Concern on Alexander Acosta

Neil Gorsuch

TAKE ACTION: Tell the Senate: Oppose President Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee
DONATE: Help Us Oppose Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee 
PRESS RELEASE: NWLC Opposes Nomination of Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court

Betsy DeVos

BLOG: What We Learned in the DeVos Hearing: She’s Unfit for Office

BLOG: Senate Should Give Betsy DeVos a Failing Grade

BLOG: Five Things You Should Know About Betsy DeVos 

LETTER: Opposing Betsy DeVos

TAKE ACTION: Tell Senate HELP Committee: Oppose Betsy DeVos for Education Secretary

Steven Mnuchin

BLOG: Three Things to Know About Steven Mnuchin

Mick Mulvaney

BLOG: Dear Mick Mulvaney: Child Care is Challenging and Valuable Work

BLOG: Five Reasons Mick Mulvaney Is a Bad Choice for OMB—and for Women and Families

Tom Price

TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress: Oppose Tom Price for HHS Secretary

TAKE ACTION: Tell Tom Price: Hands Off My Birth Control

LETTER: Opposing Tom Price

FACT SHEET: Tom Price would be Dangerous as Secretary of Health and Human Services

Andy Puzder

FACT SHEET: Andrew Puzder’s Record: What’s at Stake for Women

BLOG: Puzder’s Anti-Abortion Crusade Is One More Reason Women Can’t Trust Him

BLOG: Andrew Puzder Won’t Work for Women

BLOG: Day 1 of Trump Presidency: Know Your Rights & LGBT Content Disappears from the Department of Labor’s Website

BLOG: Whose Labor Secretary? Workers Speak Out Against Puzder

BLOG: Five Things You Should Know About Andy Puzder

BLOG: Tell Congress: Oppose Andy Puzder for Secretary of Labor

LETTER: Opposing Andrew Puzder

Jeff Sessions

STATEMENT: NWLC Decries Confirmation of Sen. Jeff Sessions as U.S. Attorney General

BLOG: Will an Attorney General Sessions Empower Religious Liberty to Trump Reproductive and Civil Rights?

BLOG: Day 1: Sen. Sessions’ Record Speaks Louder Than Anything He Said Yesterday

BLOG: NWLC Opposes Confirmation of Sen. Jeff Sessions to be Attorney General

BLOG: Senator Jeff Sessions’ Problematic Record on Women’s Rights

TAKE ACTION: Tell Your Senators: Oppose Sessions for Attorney General

LETTER: Opposing Jeff Sessions

FACT SHEET: Senator Jeff Sessions’ Record on Women’s Rights


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Tom Price
Andrew Puzder
Jeff Sessions