22 Million Losing Health Care: What the CBO Score Doesn’t Tell Us About How the Senate Repeal Bill Harms Women

Yesterday, the non-partisan independent Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released its analysis of the impact of the Republican Senate proposal to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA)—the Better Care Reconciliation Act—and the topline is devastating—the bill would cause 22 million individuals to be uninsured over the next decade.  The bill would impose drastic cuts to the Medicaid program and force individuals to pay more for health care that does not meet their needs.
While the CBO’s analysis tells us the alarming number of individuals who stand to lose critical health coverage if the Senate fails to reject this punitive proposal, what it does not tell us is the specific impact that the bill would have on women’s health.  Specifically, the bill is an all-out attack on women’s health and would jeopardize women’s health and economic security by:

The bottom line is that behind the CBO’s numbers are the faces of women whose health will be devastated by the Senate proposal.  We must urge senators to oppose this morally reprehensible and indefensible bill that would eliminate coverage for those who need it the most to provide tax breaks to the wealthy few who need them the least.