Why We’re in Solidarity With a #DayWithoutaWoman

By now, you’ve probably heard about the upcoming Day Without a Woman, happening on March 8— International Women’s Day. This strike, organized by the leaders of the Women’s March on Washington, is a one-day demonstration designed to highlight the value that women of all backgrounds add to our society and economy – even as they face challenges and discrimination in the workplace.
Why NWLC is participating
We’ve already seen the different ways in which resistance is working. We stopped Andrew Puzder from becoming labor secretary. We’re seeing wins for women at the state and local levels. And people are holding representatives accountable through town halls and calling Congressional offices.  Because we have the privilege to resist by closing our office on March 8, we will be joining together in solidarity with all women – especially those who cannot participate due to economic insecurity or the nature of their jobs. We stand with the following statement from the Women’s March website:

“We recognize that some of the 82% of women who become moms, particularly single mothers, may not have the option of refusing to engage in paid work or unpaid child care on March 8th. Many mothers have always worked and in our modern labor force, almost half of all households are women-lead, yet motherhood remains the number one predictor of poverty and a woman’s earning potential is diminished further with each child.  We strike for them.
Many women in our most vulnerable communities will not have the ability to join the strike, due to economic insecurity. We strike for them. Many others work jobs that provide essential services, including reproductive health services, and taking off work would come at a great social cost. We recognize the value of their contribution.”

What NWLC is doing
On March 8, we’ll be closing our offices to show our solidarity with women all over the country. We recognize that not all women will be able to take the day off from work, but there are still ways that you can show your support.
How you can participate
Here are ways to participate in A Day Without a Woman:

  1. Women, if able, can take the day off, from paid and unpaid labor.
  2. People can avoid shopping and spending money on this day unless it’s at small, women- and minority-owned businesses.
  3. People can wear red in solidarity with A Day Without a Woman.

Tag @nwlc on Twitter and let us know how you are participating in A Day Without a Woman by using the hashtags #IStrikeFor and #DayWithoutaWoman.