Saving for Retirement: What Women Need to Know

wallet in back pocket  with filter effect retro vintage styleThe end of 2016 means different things to different people, but as the year draws to a close, many of us start thinking about what the next year, and the future, will bring.  If you’re reflecting upon your life, work, or family, your thoughts may fast-forward to your larger finances and goals.  And if one of those goals is your eventual retirement, we have some resources for you.
The National Women’s Law Center and our partners at the Roosevelt Institute and the National Academy of Social Insurance held two free webinars about planning for retirement this month.  One focused on younger workers, and the other, on women later in their careers.  These presentations provided basics on Social Security and retirement savings, some strategies, and some more targeted information to help women make the most of their Social Security and savings.  The recordings and materials are available on our website. 
Planning for retirement can seem daunting, but even small steps can make a difference, especially if you start early.  These resources will get you started so that you can maximize your retirement income, and make your savings work harder – and smarter – for you.  We hope they’ll help you plan for a secure retirement in 2017 and beyond.