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Stop Sexual Assault in Schools ( website.  A one-stop resource to address sexual harassment, sexual assault, and education equity in K-12 schools.

Sexual Harassment: Not in Our School! An innovative streaming video for K-12 parents, middle and high school students, schools, and community organizations.  Watch high school students tackling sexual harassment interview nationally recognized education, legal, and LGBTQ experts and learn from counselors, advocates, parents, and students. Includes Action Guide, Title IX Checklist, and many useful resources.

Getting confidential help after an assault  In this video, a teenage victim learns about her right to privacy, mandated reporting, the role of a victim’s advocate, and her Title IX rights when she speaks with attorney Jessica Mindlin of Victim’s Rights Law Center.

TV interview with high school victim’s father  In this revealing interview, SSAIS co-founder talks about feeling betrayed by the school district, which was ignorant of its obligations under Title IX, and the impact on his daughter’s education and life.

Video excerpts from Sexual Harassment: Not in Our School!

Title IX overview Students learn why Title IX is important and how schools should protect them in an interview with Neena Chaudhry, Director of Education and Senior Council, National Women’s Law Center

Parent meeting with Title IX Coordinator When a parent explains the ways her children are sexually harassed and assaulted at school, we learn how the Title IX Coordinator should respond. With Keasara Williams, Title IX Coordinator, San Francisco Unified School District

Actions schools must take after a report of sexual harassment or assault Students ask about incidents of sexual harassment and assault and learn exactly how their school must protect victims. With Adele P. Kimmel, Senior Attorney, Public Justice

Schools’ responsibility to address dating violence Few schools understand their responsibility to address the impact of dating violence on students’ education. Students talk with Adele P. Kimmel, Senior Attorney, Public Justice

Getting help after a sexual assault A high school victim learns how to take care of herself and get back into school when she calls Cheryl Ann Graf, ARNP, Forensic Nurse and Sexual Assault Responder.

LGBTQ harassment and Title IX How should schools protect the rights of LGBTQ students? Students find out from attorney Rebecca-Peterson-Fisher.

Steps parents can take to create safe schools Sexual harassment and assault are community problems that devastate students’ lives. What are the simple steps we can take to ensure Title IX compliance?  Civil rights attorney Jeffrey R. Caffee explains.

 How to address sexual harassment at school Many ways to create a healthy school climate, with Juliette Grimmett, Founder Chrysalis Network

Healthy masculinity Find out how males can combat sexual harassment and assault in an engaging presentation by professor and psychologist Marc Grimmett

Activities for students Watch a high school gender equity club brainstorm ideas to address sexual harassment and see what an award-winning activist recommends.

Challenges for girls of color Learn about the horrific treatment that girls of color endure after reporting sexual assault from attorney Carrie A Goldberg

Why is there sexual harassment in K-12 schools? In a talk created for SSAIS, professor   activist Caroline Heldman explains rape culture to a high school gender equity club.

Family and survivor accounts

Cyberharassment and schools’ response leads to Grace McComas suicide Grace’s mother explains the widespread dangers students face when schools fail to enforce Title IX.

LGBTQ harassment Kyle talks about the anguish he experienced as a gender nonconforming student and how taking action caused him to be welcomed at school.

Girls of color: She Fought for Her Education Charlotte Smalls, a secondary victim of her sister’s high school rape, recounts her family’s nightmare when the school violated Title IX (posted at Share Your Story)

High school rape survivor: my school failed me Lauren Allen talks about the absence of support and Title IX protections after she was raped.

SSAIS family’s story on the impact of K-12 sexual assault Read about the devastating impact of sexual assault and the school’s deplorable response that led to the creation of Stop Sexual Assault in Schools.

SSAIS mother’s story This radio broadcast captures a mother’s outrage at the inequitable way the school district treated her daughter.

More accounts at Share Your Story

Know Your Rights

Title IX at 45: Advancing Opportunity through Equity in Education. Created by the National Coalition for Women and Girls in Education each chapter in this report focuses on a particular facet of Title IX, the barriers students face, and presents ways to take action.

Selected media reports on K-12 sexual harassment/assault, Title IX

SSAIS reports in the media

Selected media reports:

Sexual violence isn’t just a college problem. It happens in K-12 schools, too. (Washington Post)

We Can’t Wait: Solutions to K-12 Sexual Harassment and Assault (Huffington Post)

With Trump’s Title IX stance unknown, video aims to educate about sexual harassment at school (EdSource).

As the Mother of a Rape Victim I Know Consent Education Is Not Enough (Huffington Post)

Combatting the Epidemic of K-12 Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence (Huffington Post)

In handling rape, high schools are worse than colleges (Al-Jazeera America)

FBI policy disputes Seattle Schools’ version of alleged rape investigation  (KIRO TV)

Protesters criticize Seattle school’s handling of alleged rape (KOMO News)

Sexual Assault: A 21st Century Civil Rights Issue (Our Bodies Ourselves)

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