Many survivors of sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination are dealing with trauma and the different ways it manifests, often making the search for help that much more challenging. As part of the Legal Network for Gender Equity, we want our attorneys to have resources and tools to better help their client through a difficult and often invasive process. The first webinar, Trauma 101, will introduce the concept of trauma and the survivor perspective; the second, Trauma-Informed Legal Advocacy will address more practical information for attorneys on taking a trauma-informed and a survivor-focused approach to interviewing, working with, and providing services to individuals with trauma.

View the slides of this webinar, hosted by the Legal Network for Gender Equity, TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund and the National Employment Lawyers Association, to learn about trauma-informed legal advocacy on behalf of survivors of sexual harassment and abuse.

Featured presenter:

  • Olga Trujillo, Director of Education and Social Change, Latinos United for Peace and Equity, a national initiative of Caminar Latino.  Olga is a former employment attorney, national trainer, internationally sought speaker, and author who has 30 years of experience working on issues involving domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, and the impact of trauma.
Attorney Handbook
Preparing for Court Proceedings
Trauma Informed Legal Advocacy Tip Sheet
Olga Trujillo’s Power Point Presentation