The cost of child and dependent care has been rising year after year, leaving families struggling to keep up. While direct child care assistance remains the most effective way to help families access child care, tax provisions for child and dependent care expenses can provide some help to families struggling to pay for the child care they need to support their children. The federal government and over half the states offer such tax provisions.

NWLC has updated its comprehensive report, Making Care Less Taxing, on state child and dependent care (CADC) tax provisions. Please join us for a webinar where experts and advocates provide information about these tax provisions, outline best practices, and describe the impact on families.

Featured Presenters:

  • Amy Matsui, Director of Income Security & Senior Counsel, National Women’s Law Center
  • Sarah Hassmer, Income Security Fellow, National Women’s Law Center
  • Bill Jaeger, Senior Manager of Campaign & Digital Strategies, National Women’s Law Center

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