A budget that works for women & families

Here are a few points to focus on when talking to your member of Congress, as well as additional resources where you can learn more. We encourage you to personalize this information with your own stories and experiences, so your representatives understand the impact their choices will have on you.

  • The budget plan that the House Budget Committee approved in July would be a disaster for women and their families. Just like the budget plan that President Trump released in May, the House Republican plan is designed to give giant tax cuts to the most fortunate while making life harder for the rest of us—especially for women and families who are already struggling the most.
  • Both the Trump budget and the House Republican budget would make devastating cuts to health coverage and access to care for millions of women. Both would gut basic supports—like food stamps and Social Security disability benefits— for individuals and families who are struggling to make ends meet. And both would make massive cuts to the part of the budget that funds programs like Head Start, child care assistance, K-12 education, affordable housing, job training, and domestic violence prevention as well as the agencies responsible for keeping women and their families safe, healthy, and free from discrimination.
  • Millions of women and families would suffer under either budget plan, while the very richest among us would get even richer: both the Trump budget and the House Republican budget support huge tax breaks for millionaires, billionaires and corporations.

The House is expected to vote on the Republican budget plan in September. Ask your Members of Congress to REJECT any budget that guts vital programs and advances tax cuts favoring people and corporations that need them the least. Instead, they should SUPPORT a budget that:

  • protects vulnerable women and families;
  • expands economic opportunity for everyone; and
  • ensures that the wealthy and corporations pay their fair share of taxes.