NWLC signed an amicus brief submitted on June 19, 2019 by Legal Momentum and the Michigan Coalition to End Domestic Violence before the Michigan Supreme Court. The brief was filed in support of a request for an advisory opinion on the state of Michigan’s effort to strategically undercut two initiatives.

In 2018, Michigan voters reached enough signatures to put two initiatives to meaningfully raise the minimum wage and tipped minimum wage, and to mandate paid sick time, on the ballot in November. Instead of allowing voters to vote, the state legislature adopted both proposals—then proceeded to drastically reduce their effectiveness by amending the proposals during the same legislative session and gutting core protections. This process, which is not outlined as an option under the state’s constitution, effectively barred the people of Michigan from having any input.

NWLC signed this friend-of-the-court brief to highlight how weakening these protections further harms the ability of women, particularly women of color and survivors of domestic violence, to achieve workplace equality and economic security.


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