The National Women’s Law Center and firm partner Holwell, Shuster, & Goldberg LLP, along with 47 additional organizations, filed an amicus brief in the appeal of a negative Title IX decision in the Sixth Circuit on May 8th.

The case involves a whether the plaintiff has standing to bring a Title IX claim against the university for acting with deliberate indifference after she reported that she was raped by a student at that university. The district court held that the plaintiff did not have standing to bring a Title IX claim because as a community college student taking part in a program at the college, the plaintiff was not a student at the university. The plaintiff appealed to the Sixth circuit.

NWLC led this amicus brief to highlight that protections under Title IX extend beyond those who are only enrolled as students and that the district court’s decision would set a dangerous precedent by excluding so many individuals from Title IX’s protections, which would particularly individuals based on their gender, race, and socioeconomic status.

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