Every student, regardless of who they are or where they come from, deserves to pursue their dreams. For many of the more than 10.2 million women pursuing post-secondary degrees, institutional and economic barriers already makes achieving that dream hard. And now the spread of COVID-19 has unleashed a health and economic crisis that threatens to derail the educational trajectory for those students completely and eviscerate any economic security women, who disproportionately carry student debt, have. Entire campuses have shut down indefinitely—leaving too many students in an emergency situation without housing, food or resources to participate in online learning. Student loan borrowers who have been laid off or face income reductions and job instability because of COVID-19 face further uncertainty about their ability to continue repaying their loans. Congress must act now to provide debt relief to borrowers and provide the necessary resources to enable colleges and universities to ensure all students are able to continue their educations with minimal disruption.