Cover_nwlc_2016_FederalRoadmapThe Federal Roadmap to Economic Justice provides the basic tools that advocates and Members of Congress will need to press for that specific policy changes. For each issue, there is a summary of the problem, a list of bills – or potential bills – that would address the problem, the research base to support the policy, information about public support for the policy, and talking points to make the case for the policy with policy makers, the media, and the public.

Coalitions of advocates across the nation are already coming together to build an interconnected vision. The Federal Roadmap to Economic Justice builds on this work by providing an integrated legislative women’s economic agenda. Passage of this legislation would promote women’s health, equality, and economic opportunity.

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Policies included in the Federal Roadmap to Economic Justice:

Increase Wages and Income Supports
Raise the Federal Minimum Wage
Improve the Earned Income Tax Credit
Improve Social Security Benefits and Pension Protections
Invest in Key Programs for Women and Their Families

Expand Access to Health Care and Coverage
Address Insurance Coverage for Uninsured and Underinsured Women
Provide Insurance Coverage of Abortion
Stop State Restrictions that Make it Difficult or Impossible for Women to Obtain an Abortion
Remove Barriers to Birth Control

Meet the Needs of Working Families
Promote Fair Work Schedules
Invest in Early Care and Education
Ensure Paid Time Off

Eliminate Discrimination in the Workplace
Combat Pay Discrimination: Strengthen Equal Pay Laws
Treat Pregnant Workers Fairly
Prohibit Employers from Discriminating Based On Employees’ Reproductive Health Decisions
Prohibit Discrimination on the Basis of Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity
Improve Workers’ Ability to Hold Employers Accountable for Sexual Harassment
Support Fair Chance Policies in Employment

Improve Pathways to Opportunity
Improve Federal Financial Aid and Supports for Low-Income Students Pursuing Higher Education
Address Sexual Assault in Schools
Reduce the Disproportionate Suspensions and Expulsions of Girls of Color

Promote Security for Vulnerable Women and Families
Prohibit Discrimination and Provide Services for Survivors
Update Federal Laws to Protect Women Immigrants

Strengthen Collective Action
Strengthen Collective Bargaining