Brick by Brick Curriculum Cover PageFor far too long, the histories, experiences, and identities of LGBTQ people of color have not been centered in our schools, in our communities, or in our history books. Brick by Brick is changing that by creating a curriculum that’s adaptable to any virtual or in-person environment (classroom, GSA club, or anything else!). During this Pride Month, we released Brick by Brick: Building LGBTQ Advocacy that speaks to the experiences and identities for students of color. This advocacy curriculum is the first-of-its-kind project designed to build and inspire current and future advocates and activists.  

Brick by Brick speaks to the experiences and identities of LGBTQ+ students of color and can be adapted to suit a variety of learning settings (classroom, GSA club, or anything else!). It includes “know-your-rights” education, histories that are not commonly shared or centered, assignments that encourage students to take on roles as advocates and leaders, individual and group projects, and makes use of multiple forms of media for experiential learning. Brick by Brick teaches students how to work toward change in their schools, and in the world beyond. We encourage you to read, customize parts for your classroom and share the curriculum. 

Our partnership with Supporting and Mentoring Youth Advocates and Leaders (SMYAL) to create the inaugural Brick by Brick Youth Advocacy Fellowship, included a group of four student fellows, all youth advocates in their own right, who consulted and worked directly on developing and launching the Brick By Brick curriculum, using their expertise to strengthen the resource for students nationwide. 

Artwork by Kah Yangni.