Today more than 64 million women have insurance coverage of birth control and other critical preventive services without out-of-pocket costs, as a result of the Affordable Care

Act (ACA). The ACA’s contraceptive coverage requirement—the provision designed to guarantee no-cost coverage of the full range of birth control methods—has increased use of birth control and, as a result, expanded the reach of birth control’s health and economic benefits. But the benefits are not reaching everyone. The Trump administration worked to undermine the ACA’s contraceptive coverage requirement by passing sweeping exemptions and neglecting enforcement. Some insurance plans are not in compliance, leaving people unable to access the contraception they need. And there are many individuals who are in plans that are not reached by the ACA and who do not have no-cost contraceptive coverage. Federal and state policymakers and insurance companies must take action to ensure everyone has access to no-cost contraceptive coverage. This is especially important now, during an economic crisis that has taken a disproportionate toll on women, and particularly on women of color and low-income women.