NWLC Condemns House Vote to Block Title IX Regulations

Today, the House passed a resolution to repeal the Biden administration’s updated Title IX rule, seeking to overturn the regulations before the upcoming school year. The resolution invoked the Congressional Review Act, which gives Congress 60 legislative days to overturn a federal rule and block any future effort by federal agencies to reinstate a substantially similar rule.

The Biden administration’s updates reversed former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ harmful 2020 Title IX rule that pushed schools to ignore many reports of sexual violence. They also explicitly clarify that LGBTQI+ students are protected from discrimination based on their gender identity and sexual orientation, and ensure that schools provide accommodations for pregnant and parenting students.  

Over 110 gender justice, LGBTQI+ rights, civil rights, and students’ rights organizations had urged members of Congress to oppose this harmful resolution.

“We are outraged that right-wing extremist House members voted to undo the protections established in the revised Title IX rule. Despite the disinformation spewed by these extremists, the Biden administration’s updates to Title IX regulations safeguard all women and girls. This includes protections for student survivors of sexual harassment, pregnant and parenting students, and LGBTQI+ students — especially transgender, nonbinary, and intersex students — against discrimination in school,” said Shiwali Patel, senior director of safe and inclusive schools at the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC).  

“The House members who voted to block the updated Title IX rule are voting for more sex discrimination and harassment in schools, pure and simple. We remain committed to ensuring that all students can  thrive in school without fear of harassment and discrimination.”