Times Up gives $750,000 for combating sexual misconduct

Fatima Goss Graves, CEO of the National Women’s Law Center, a nonprofit that’s managing the fund, said since launching in January roughly 3,500 people have reached out to share their personal stories and ask for help. “It’s a big reminder that harassment happens everywhere,” Graves said. “We are seeing women working in some of the lowest-paid fields contact us, and some of the highest-paid fields. Women in government or the military, women working in restaurants, as security guards. You’re seeing across over 60 different sectors.” The Times Up Legal Defense Fund helps defray legal costs for victims of sexual harassment, assault, abuse and retaliation in the workplace. It has raised nearly $22 million. This round of grants is the first time the fund is giving money to outside organizations. The reason, Graves said, is to better reach victims and communities that may be reluctant to seek traditional services on their own.