The 19th Explains: The groundwork for a Supreme Court case on gender-affirming care is being laid now

Anya Marino, director of LGBTQI equality at the National Women’s Law Center, worries that public speculation about how the Supreme Court will address trans rights may incite panic among trans people during a time of widespread fear and rising political attacks. But she also believes it’s likely that the Supreme Court will, at some point, consider a case on trans rights.

Trans people watching theses cases go through the courts, and who might be worried, should know that their fear is real — but there is still strength and courage to find in living fully as themselves, Marino said.

“Every day we dare to live authentically and unapologetically is an act of courage. It’s an act of faith that our lives have meaning. And it’s an act of defiance against those who intend to harm us,” she said. “Don’t lose hope. All of us in the movement are working our hardest to support you.”