New York’s Harvey Weinstein Probe Set To Continue Despite Attorney General’s Exit

The continuing investigation demonstrates that the movement is “bigger than any one person” and “an important reminder that no one is beyond reproach by virtue of what they say in public,” Emily Martin, the general counsel at the National Women’s Law Center, told HuffPost, saying that she was not concerned that Schneiderman’s abuse allegations would mar the credibility of the investigation. “It’s not about Eric Schneiderman,” Martin said. “It is about a much larger movement to ensure accountability, and that is beyond the power of Eric Schneiderman to impugn.” “I would hope that the new acting attorney general really recommits and redoubles the office’s efforts to address these allegations against Weinstein and others,” she said. “Part of making clear that gender-based violence is unacceptable is by demonstrating that Eric Schneiderman’s resignation in no way weakens the state of New York and the office of the attorney general’s commitment to pursuing justice in these matters.”