I Don’t Trip Over Health Coverage

For as long as I can remember, I have had a weak immune system and ankles that are prone to sprains. Transitioning to college where I practically had to hike to class and live in tight quarters in the dorms with my peers and their germs did a number on me. My body didn’t react well to the new environment: I got a cold within the first weeks there and my clumsiness and fickle ankles didn’t necessarily thrive on campus, either.

My college years were marked by health mishaps: Freshman year, I sprained my ankle going down some stairs. Sophomore year, I fell over doing the cancan for my sorority’s lip sync dance and was stuck limping around for months. Junior year, I tripped on my morning run, skidded on gravel and completely skinned the palms of my hands. And senior year, I tripped over a branch. The nurses knew me as the girl with the fragile right ankle who needed x-rays and a size 9 boot. Once I thought that I’d escaped the bulky black boot, I would find myself wearing it within a matter of months.

I can laugh at these anecdotes of my clumsy life because I’ve only suffered mild embarrassment and had some sick days. There is no doubt that if it hadn’t been for health insurance I would have been scraping pennies and using my grocery money to pay off my medical bills. Learning how to navigate the world and college is so expensive and health care is necessary to be a productive adult. Illness and injury inhibit a person’s well-being and ability to succeed and reach their potential – that is why it is so important to have access to quality care by having quality coverage. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, being able to have health insurance coverage through my mother until I’m 26 (thank you, Obama) has given me peace of mind. I know that receiving medical attention won’t cost an arm and a leg, regardless of what I trip on next.

Being covered is something I took for granted until I realized how clumsy I am. And, as I have gotten older, I have learned to appreciate it and know how crucial it is for my well-being.  So, I’m urging you to #GetCovered if you don’t have coverage yet.  It’s easy to sign up, there are affordable plans for your lifestyle, and there is financial assistance available! Sign up by December 15th if you want coverage effective January 1st, but the absolute last day to enroll is January 31st. Check out our toolkit to learn the ins and outs of open enrollment.There are no excuses not to sign up, you’ll be happy you did!