Five Birth Control-Related Reasons to Celebrate

It may seem like there are celebrations left and right these days – graduations, weddings, national doughnut day, Father’s Day (don’t forget!) – but here’s a few more things to put on your list to celebrate: five recent victories for birth control!

  1. This month Maryland and Vermont got brand, spanking new laws to expand access to birth control. And if Illinois’s governor signs the bill on his desk, they will get a similar law too! 


  1. And birth control access isn’t just for the ladies – vasectomies are now also covered without out-of-pocket costs under the new laws in Maryland and Vermont


  1. Thanks to a new label on emergency contraception, soon there will be less confusion about who can buy it without a prescription (hint: everyone can). 


  1. The Senate has the opportunity to ensure that no woman will have to leave a pharmacy without her birth control because a pharmacist refused to dispense it.

  1. The Centers for Medicaid and CHIP Services released an informational bulletin that could help states make it easier for women to get intrauterine devices (IUDs) and implants when they want them.