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High-quality child care is fundamental to the economic security of women and families and is central to the economic success of our country. But the nation is facing a child care crisis that is leaving families, children, and workers behind. Child care is a pressing issue for millions of American families.

We are committed to fighting for substantial investments in child care and early education that are so important to children, families, and early childhood professionals.Any comprehensive child care plan must do three very important things:

  1. Help working families pay their child care bills when they’re due
  2. Improve quality and safety
  3. Raise wages for child care providers

Any comprehensive child care plan must give help on a sliding scale to families who need it to pay their child care bills when they’re due. Families live month-to-month, not year-to-year, and many families need help every week or every month when their bills are due– not just once a year when they file their taxes.

Children need safe and healthy learning environments to thrive. High quality child care helps children make crucial connections so they can succeed in school and in life.



Child care providers do critically important work caring for our children, but most are paid extremely low wages and struggle to get by. Child care providers need higher wages and opportunities to gain additional skills and education to give children the best care.

Let’s be sure that every parent that needs it can afford high-quality child care to give their children a safe, healthy, and nurturing start. Working families do everything they can to give their children high-quality child care. We should do everything we can do to help them afford this care so they know their children are in good hand.

We believe that by supporting the Child Care for Working Families Act and continuing working on increasing CCDBG funding, we can have a country where working families have peace of mind knowing that they can afford to give their children a safe and healthy learning environment.

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