Celebrating Our History and Our Resistance

Oh, what a night!
Last Wednesday, October 18, we marked our 45th anniversary in spectacular style at our Annual Gala. At this landmark event, we:

Through the efforts of our gala co-chairs, Alex Dimitrief and Governor Deval Patrick, our dinner committee co-chairs, Dick Beattie, The Honorable Jane Hartley, and Anastasia Kelly, and the generosity of hundreds of law firms, corporations, organizations, unions, and individuals, we raised more than $1.6 million to support the work of the National Women’s Law Center. The funds raised from this event are critically important to ensuring we have the resources to be nimble and responsive to threats to women’s rights, which is so crucial at this time in our history.
We also announced a special initiative to honor Marcia and Duffy’s amazing leadership and carry their work forward to build a revolutionary future– The Nancy Duff Campbell and Marcia D. Greenberger Legacy Fund. The Legacy Fund will develop, strengthen, and empower a cadre of leaders from across the country to build and hone their advocacy skills on a host of issues—broadly defined but always sharply focused on building a better future for women and girls for generations to come. Thanks to the early enthusiasm of several individuals who donated before the Fund was even announced, we were able to announce at the Gala that we had already raised a half million dollars for the Legacy Fund. If you’d like to add your support to the Fund, we would be delighted to talk with you individually, or you can donate online.
If you weren’t able to join us at the Gala, or if you’d like to relive some of the evening’s special moments, check back here soon to see the full video of the evening. Photos from the evening are also available on the Center’s Flickr page.