The TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund, which is housed at and administered by the National Women’s Law Center Fund LLC, connects those who experience sexual harassment, sexual assault, or related retaliation at work or in trying to advance their careers with legal and communication assistance. The Fund will help defray legal and public relations costs in select cases based on criteria and availability of funds.

In addition, the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund will provide outreach grants, to enable a select number of organizations with deep ties in marginalized communities to support survivors of workplace sexual harassment by ensuring that survivors: (1) know how to contact the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund; (2) know their rights regarding workplace sexual harassment and retaliation; (3) receive non-legal assistance as they go through the process of finding representation or otherwise seek to enforce their rights to be free from workplace harassment and retaliation.

To see the two webinars recordings and slides that provide an overview and answer questions about this grant program, please go here.


The goal of the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund outreach grants is to ensure that all people who experience sexual harassment are able to seek justice in their workplaces and through the legal system. As such, we are prioritizing outreach grants to organizations that have a proven track record of working with a grassroots membership base (or equivalent) that includes the following communities of low-wage workers:

  • Communities of color;
  • LGBTQ communities, especially transgender communities;
  • Immigrant communities, especially communities with language barriers; and/or
  • People with disabilities

Examples of eligible projects:

  • Funding for outreach to help people learn about and access help from the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund
  • Funding for staff time for service coordination to help connect individuals with language or accessibility barriers with the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund and TIME’S UP attorneys and to provide non-legal support to individuals seeking to enforce their legal rights
  • Funding for “know your rights” workshops on workplace sexual harassment and related retaliation
  • Funding for “train the trainer” models to support community members to share their stories or conduct outreach in their own communities

Examples of projects that are not eligible:

  • Direct counseling or psychological services for survivors (hotlines, rape crisis centers)
  • Lobbying or policy campaigns
  • Direct legal services
  • Research projects


Grants will be awarded in amounts up to $50,000 per organization. Only nonprofit organizations are eligible for funding.

Projects funded through this grant must begin implementation by late 2018 and be concluded within 24 months.


The National Women’s Law Center LLC will make the determination as to which organizations will receive TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund financial support and the amount of support each organization will receive.

The deadline for grant applications is June 29th, 2018.

Evaluation of proposals will take a range of factors into consideration, including strength of ties with low-wage workers and low-income communities and a proven track record of conducting “know your rights” work and providing assistance to these communities in addressing workplace conditions.


As part of the application, organizations must provide a project work plan that includes:

  • the goals of the project
  • an explanation of how the project supports the organization’s work
  • timeline
  • the measures by which its success will be judged
  • a proposed budget and budget narrative


Organizations that receive funding will be required to participate in an orientation call and to submit a mid-term and final narrative and a mid-term and final financial report. Grantees will be required to participate in two phone call check-ins during the project timeline with the National Women’s Law Center Fund.

The cohort of grantees will also have the opportunity to participate in smaller virtual convenings throughout the course of the grant-making period to share best practices and lessons learned.


Please send all completed applications and questions to No calls please.

Download the application here