‘I Came Very Close to Just Giving Up’

“Without the hotline I would not have known how to go about getting this appealed …. I came very close to just giving up and paying a lot of money. … Thank you and your organization for advertising and keeping women informed.”  – Katheryne Weise, CoverHer Hotline User

Thanks to the health care law, known as the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare, women are now able to get no-cost birth control. But some insurance companies undermine the law by denying women contraceptives without co-pays or deductibles. Thousands of women have come to the Center’s CoverHer hotline and website to find out how to get no-cost birth control. And we help them. Our CoverHer hotline has led companies to change their policies so that more women have access to the birth control coverage they need and deserve, with no co-pays, as required by law.

The health care law made birth control more affordable than ever. And the National Women’s Law Center is working to make sure that every woman can get the birth control benefit she is entitled to and deserves.