Along with A Better Balance, American Civil Liberties Union, California Women’s Law Center, Equal Rights Advocates, Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center, Legal Momentum, and the National Partnership for Women and Families, the National Women’s Law Center has compiled accounts of pregnant workers who were denied minor adjustments to their job duties that they needed to continue safely working throughout pregnancy.

Today, women make up half the workforce, and most women will be pregnant and employed at some point. The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act would ensure that all pregnant workers can get minor workplace adjustments they need to continue working during pregnancy.

The stories included here are provided by the organizations below that advocate for women and families, including several that provide direct legal representation to women workers who face workplace discrimination.

The accounts are organized alphabetically by state. Note that because California has a law providing these basic protections to pregnant workers, the accounts from California end on a much happier note than the stories from every other state.

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