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Fair access to safe, accessible, and affordable housing in integrated neighborhoods is vital to the wellbeing of women and girls. Where we live is at the very core of our daily lives. And yet, women—and in particular women facing intersecting forms of discrimination—are significantly more likely than men to face housing instability due to both lower incomes and more challenges in securing an affordable place to live in a high-opportunity neighborhood. The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting “she-cession” have widened these longstanding gender and racial inequities. 

Trump administration rulemakings threaten safe, accessible, and affordable housing for women, children, and families. Under the Biden administration and a new Congress, advocates and policymakers have an opportunity to improve our policies and systems so that every woman, child, and family can obtain safe, accessible, and affordable housing. 

Women of Color Use Their Advance Child Tax Credit to Cover Food Costs

The Eviction Crisis is a Women’s Crisis–The Right to Counsel Can Help

States and Localities Must Act to Mitigate This Eviction Crisis

NWLC Comment to HUD on Disparate Impact 2021 Proposed Rule

Gender Justice Sign On Comment to HUD on Disparate Impact

Women of Color Would Be Hardest Hit If Eviction Protections End

NWLC Comments to HUD on Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Interim Final Rule

Fair Housing Wins Under the Biden Administration

Over a Year Into the Pandemic, Women Still Face Economic, Housing, and Food Insecurity

Gender and Racial Justice in Housing

Countering Deficit Narratives to Invest in Housing

Over 61.2 Million Women Live in a Household That Has Lost Work Income Since March 2020

Protecting Tenants from Sexual Harassment in Housing: Amicus Brief in Fox v. Gaines

The Equality Act of 2021: Expanding Antidiscrimination Protections for LGBTQ People and Women

For the Movement: Justice & Joy in 2020

Press Release

NWLC Responds to Biden Administration’s Economic Relief Plan

As Eviction Deadline Looms, Black, Non-Hispanic Women Are Over Two Times More Likely Than White, Non-Hispanic Men to Be Behind on Rent or Mortgage Payments

Black, Non-Hispanic Women and Latinas Are Facing Severe COVID-19 Impact

One in Six Latinas and One in Five Black, Non-Hispanic Women Don’t Have Enough to Eat

Senate Republicans Give Sham Supreme Court Confirmation Process Precedence Over COVID-19 Relief

Press Release

NWLC Applauds House Passage of Updated HEROES Act

NWLC Comments to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development on Fair Access to Shelters

200,000 Reasons a SCOTUS Nomination Must Wait

Housing Is a Human Right – Women’s Lives Depend on It

COVID-19 Is Making Women’s Economic Situation Even Worse

Trump Promotes Flawed Program Instead of Offering Real Relief

How President Trump’s Executive Actions Fail Women

6 Ways States’ Response to COVID-19 Centers Gender and Racial Justice

Next Senate Relief Bill May Include More Direct Payments. But That’s Not Enough.

We Won’t Go Back: A Road Map to Recovery for a Post-COVID World

Ensuring Tenant Protections from Harassment/Discrimination: Amicus Brief in Francis v. Kings Park Manor

Press Release

NWLC Responds to House Proposal For Next Coronavirus Relief Measure (HEROES Act)

NWLC Comments to HUD on Faith-Based Organization Funding Safeguards

COVID-19 Shows Us We Need Me Too Now More Than Ever

Women Demand More of Congress To Face COVID-19 Recession

Update: Responses to Coronavirus–Women and Families Need More

NWLC Comments to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development on Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing

COVID-19 Shows Us That Our Tax Policies Need to Change

What Women and Working Families Need to Face Coronavirus

Press Release

NWLC Joins “Opportunity Starts at Home” to Raise Awareness of Housing Affordability Crisis

Trump’s Budget Lays Out His Blueprint for Women and Families — And It’s Terrifying

Five Reasons We Need to Tax the Patriarchy

NWLC Comments to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development on Disparate Impact

By the Numbers: Data on Key Programs for the Well-Being of Women & Their Families

Let HUD Give Survivors of Domestic Violence Fewer Protections from Housing Discrimination? Not in This House!

NWLC Comment Opposing HUD Proposed Rule to Separate Families or Take Away Housing Assistance

Discrimination Is Nothing New for the Trumps

Press Release

NWLC Condemns Proposed Rule Change to Fair Housing Act’s Disparate Impact Standard

Press Release

NWLC Deplores Final Department of Homeland Security’s “Public Charge” Rule as Assault on Women, Families, and Communities of Color

Press Release

NWLC Applauds House Vote Approving Budget Deal

Trump’s Attacks on Immigrants Have a Long, Chaotic History

Poverty Is an LGBTQ+ Issue Too

Celebrate #AANHPI Heritage Month: #ProtectFamilies

Trump Is Paying for His Tax Cuts on the Backs of Women and Families

Five Reasons Why the Equality Act Would Be Huge for LGBTQ People and Women

Six Reasons the Trump Administration’s Budget Is a Disaster for Women and Families

Today Is the Last Day To Tell The Administration You Oppose Their “Public Charge” Rule. Here’s Why I Did.

Published On: March 1, 2021Associated Issues: Economic JusticeFamily Support ProgramsFederal BudgetIncome Security
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