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During the webinar recording, experts discussed advancing a broad agenda made up of policies that can create a more just society for women and families and how state advocates can work to make it a reality. The webinar includes key policies that should be included in a broad agenda, including those that protect a woman’s ability to make decisions about birth control and abortion, increase wages, support workers with family responsibilities, eliminate discrimination in the workplace, create pathways to opportunity, and strengthen collective action. The webinar also has advocates who discuss how they successfully advanced a broad agenda for women and their families in their state and poll testing on how voters in two states view these policy agendas.

Additional webinars in our Roadmap series

Webinar: State Policy Solutions to the Need for Fair Scheduling

During this webinar, experts discussed workers’ need for predictability and control over their schedules, the impact that scheduling problems have on families, and state policy solutions for the problem of difficult scheduling practices in low-wage jobs.

Webinar: State Policy Solutions to Help Women Achieve Equal Pay

In this webinar, experts discussed the state policy solutions that could help women move closer to achieving equal pay for equal work and how state laws can improve upon existing protections against pay discrimination.

Want to learn more? Check out the Moving Women & Families Forward: A State Roadmap to Economic Justice.

Published On: February 19, 2015Associated Issues: Fair Work Schedules
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