State of Women's CoverageState of Women’s Coverage: Health Plan Violations of the Affordable Care Act

This report assesses coverage of women’s health services by analyzing coverage offered on health insurance Marketplaces by more than 100 insurance companies in 15 states during 2014 and 2015 and found that more than half of the issuers were violating the ACA. The report exposes violations related to maternity care, birth control, breast-feeding support and supplies, genetic testing, well-woman visits, prescription drug coverage, care related to gender transition for transgender individuals, chronic pain treatment, and certain pre-existing conditions. The report also highlights examples of discriminatory practices, such as denying maternity coverage to daughters of subscribers.

You can find the State of Women’s Coverage report’s key findings here. 


State of Women’s Coverage Webinar Recording

This webinar examined preventive services, maternity care, birth control, and other Essential Health Benefits within Qualified Health Plans (QHP) offered in 15 states, drawing on NWLC’s recent report. The findings show that the majority of health insurance issuers considered in this report offer coverage that violates specific requirements of the law. The webinar shared what violations NWLC found, what they mean for women’s coverage, and how state regulators and  advocates can improve health coverage for women in their states. 

Speakers: Karen Davenport, Anna Benyo, and Dania Palanker from National Women’s Law Center and Emily Brice from Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner

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