State of Women's Coverage

State of Birth Control Coverage: Health Plan Violations of the Affordable Care Act

This report goes in-depth into coverage of FDA-approved birth control methods and found widespread violations of the ACA’s requirement that all such methods be covered without co-payments or deductibles. The report supplemented its review of plan documents with its own correspondence with insurance companies and with stories of real women gathered through NWLC’s CoverHer hotline, which is dedicated to helping women who are not receiving birth control coverage as required by law. 

You can find the State of Birth Control report’s key findings here.

Webinar: State of Birth Control Coverage

This webinar will focus on issues surrounding the implementation of the birth control coverage benefit under the health care law. It relies on NWLC’s analysis of Qualified Health Plan (QHP) coverage policies in 15 states, correspondence with insurance companies, and on consumer experiences drawn from NWLC’s nationwide hotline – CoverHer. Join the webinar to learn more about how insurance companies’ practices are preventing women from accessing this important benefit and what advocates can do.

Speakers: Mara Gandal-Powers from the National Women’s Law Center and Susan Yolen from Planned Parenthood of Southern New England

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