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More than 35 years after the passage of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, pregnant women still face challenges on the job. Pregnant workers, especially those in physically demanding jobs, are often terminated, forced to quit, or involuntarily placed on unpaid “medical” leave because they ask for simple, reasonable, and temporary accommodations during their pregnancies. Too many employers still deny pregnant women even basic accommodations, such as avoiding heavy lifting, or a stool to sit on, or even permission to carry a water bottle.  When accommodation requests are denied, pregnant workers are faced to choose between their health and their paycheck — and no one should have to make that choice. But there is good news for pregnant workers: a growing number of states and cities are seeking to make the law absolutely unmistakable that pregnant workers with medical needs for accommodation are entitled to temporary job modifications, in order to continue working without risk to themselves or their pregnancies.

Find your state below to see what protections it provides for pregnant workers.

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