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State pharmacy boards are your friends, not your foes!
Work with them to ensure patient access to contraception in the pharmacy

Click here for information and materials from our February webinar on access to contraceptives.

State advocates can play a key role in stopping refusals in the pharmacy by working with state pharmacy boards. Pharmacy boards are state administrative agencies that have the power to enforce pharmacy laws, develop pharmacy regulations and policies, and discipline pharmacists and pharmacies. They wield enormous power and are usually easier to approach and quicker to act than legislatures. Pharmacy boards have taken the lead across the country in ensuring patient access to medication at the pharmacy.

The National Women’s Law Center has developed a toolkit for advocates to work with state pharmacy boards. The toolkit, Partners in Access: Working with State Pharmacy Boards to Stop Refusals in the Pharmacy, is a step-by-step guide. It includes the following sections:

The National Women’s Law Center is available to help advocates in implementing the toolkit. If you would like assistance in working with your state pharmacy board to guarantee access to medication in the pharmacy, contact us at or (202) 588-5180.


Published On: January 31, 2008Associated Issues: Birth ControlHealth Care & Reproductive Rights
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