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Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, most women now have coverage for well-women visits, without additional costs like co-pays and deductibles. But how can they make the most of this benefit? We have resources and information to help you learn more about this critical benefit and also to get the word out about no-cost well-woman visit. Regular well-woman visits could be a turning point for women’s health — but only if women know about it them.

Consumer Guide to a Well-Woman Visit

Check out our consumer friendly guides below, available in English and Spanish, and get on the road to being a well woman.

Guide to a Well-Woman Visit (English)

Your Guide to a Well-Woman Visit

Su guía para las consultas well-woman (mujer sana)

Su guía para las consultas
well-woman (mujer sana)

Related Policy Resources

The following issue brief and factsheets provide information about the importance of education and counseling during well-woman visits.

Well-Woman Toolkit

The following toolkits provide resources, including sample press and online materials, to help organizations and advocates get out the word about the no-cost well-woman visit benefit.

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