There are nearly 20 million workers in the low-wage workforce. Over 13 million of them—two-thirds—are women, even though women are less than half of the overall workforce.

Comparing women and men in the low-wage workforce by education level, age, marital and parental status, race, ethnicity, and national origin reveals that in each of these groups, women make up larger shares of the low-wage workforce than do their male counterparts, even though women’s shares of the overall workforce are almost always similar or smaller. And, for nearly every group of women, their share of the low-wage workforce is larger than their share of the overall workforce. For men, this is rarely true.

This interactive graphic lets you select a characteristic to change the comparison of women’s and men’s shares of the low-wage and overall workforces. See for yourself how women’s share of the low-wage workforce is larger than men’s no matter how you slice the data, and how almost every group of women is overrepresented in the low-wage workforce compared to the their share of the workforce overall.

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For more data on women in the low-wage workforce and for policy recommendations on how to improve the lives of low-wage workers, see NWLC’s new report Underpaid & Overloaded: Women in Low-Wage Jobs:

Also check out our map showing how much more likely a working woman is in the low-wage workforce than a working man in every state.

Notes: Figures are for employed workers. The low-wage workforce is defined here as occupations with median wages of $10.10 or less per hour based on BLS, Occupational Employment Statistics, May 2013. For additional details, please refer to the full report.

Source: NWLC calculations based on Current Population Survey (CPS) 2013 using  Miriam King et al., Integrated Public Use Microdata Series (IPUMS), Current Population Survey: Version 3.0 [Machine-readable database] (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota, 2010).

Published On: July 30, 2014Associated Issues: Economic JusticeJob QualityLow-Paid JobsWorkplace Justice
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