We must unite and fight for Justice Ginsburg's legacy as she fought for us.

We are in this together. Will you join us in honoring Justice Ginsburg by helping fight to defend the rights she so heroically enshrined for us?


The following is a statement by Fatima Goss Graves, President and CEO of the National Women’s Law Center:

“Under McDonald’s former CEO Steve Easterbrook’s leadership, McDonald’s maintained an abysmal track record of ignoring the pleas of its workers who face sexual harassment and assault every day in its stores across America. It should come as no surprise that McDonald’s is now saying that Easterbrook violated the company’s own sexual misconduct rules and lied about it. McDonald’s is suing Easterbrook to reclaim his severance package —at the same time it’s fighting changes that its workers need. McDonald’s can’t have it both ways. If McDonald’s new CEO and board want to confront sexual misconduct seriously, going after a former CEO’s golden parachute falls far short, especially when the company gave it to him knowing that he had violated its polices. At a minimum, McDonald’s must pledge that the $40 million it recoups from Easterbrook will be redirected to support worker-survivors and establish a worker-led program that finally addresses sexual harassment and abuse at the company.”

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