Women and LGBTQ voters in SC say lawmakers don’t care about them, poll finds

Ninety-two percent of Democrats and 86 percent of Republicans said they’d like to see lawmakers pass a bill to provide new parents with greater access to break times and private places to pump milk in the workplace.

More than 90 percent of both Republicans (91 percent) and Democrats (98 percent) said they’d like to see a proposal ensuring equal pay for equal work for women.

Fatima Goss Graves, president and CEO of the National Women’s Law Center, said gender justice issues don’t just affect women and LGBTQ individuals. Graves, who is the first African American president of the NWLC, said these issues in South Carolina affect families, communities and the nation.

“Women are the co- or sole breadwinners in a majority of households. The wages they take home really ends up mattering to people, no matter their party, no matter their gender,” Graves said.

The survey also revealed non-white women and LGBTQ people report facing obstacles that their Caucasian counterparts do not.

Some 65 percent of African American respondents said their family’s income is falling behind the cost of living, compared to just 49 percent of all respondents.

Additionally, while 56 percent of white respondents gave the state a positive ranking as a place for women, 42 percent of non-white voters and 53 percent of LGBTQ voters gave it a negative rating — more than double the 28 percent of white respondents who gave the state a negative rating.

OUTLET: The Post and Courier