UK companies have to share gender pay gaps. US companies almost had to do the same

The National Women’s Law Center is currently working with Democracy Forward, the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement and other groups to challenge the Trump administration’s decision to stay the equal pay policy. The NWLC has requested documents under the Freedom of Information Act that they say would give them more insight as to why the proposed policy was halted in the first place, says Emily Martin, general counsel and Vice President for Education and Workplace Justice at the National Women’s Law Center. She says her organization is also suing the government for access to those materials. Martin says the NWLC is also working with state lawmakers to pass similar policies at the state and local levels, like one that recently passed in New Jersey. Because pay is so shrouded in secrecy, Martin says, many women don’t even know they’re making less than their male counterparts, so they don’t make formal complaints.