By: Abby Lane, FellowPosted on May 3, 2013 Issues: Economic Justice

Here’s a highlight for you in the release of last month’s jobs data: in April, adult women’s unemployment rate fell to its lowest point in more than four years. That’s right, the last time unemployment was this low was in the first months of 2009.

But hey there, hold your horses. Don’t get too excited yet!

While this number may be looking pretty good, the overall story just isn’t quite as nice. April brought in another month of slow job growth and slow monthly gains mean that it still could take years to recover fully from the recession. Over at the Economic Policy Institute, economist Heidi Shierholz writes, “In good times this would be fine, but at a time of persistent economic weakness, it represents an ongoing disaster.”

So what else stands out in today’s jobs report? Here’s what caught my eye as we crunched the numbers for today’s NWLC analysis:

For workers who are unemployed, a recovery that will take several more years to get us out of the mess just isn’t enough. And to make matters worse, we’re just beginning to see the effects of the sequester. Government workers are starting to experience furloughs and vital programs are being cut. As the negative effects of the sequester escalate, the limited progress we’ve seen could easily unravel.

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