On Black Friday, Walmart workers across the country will be standing up for $15 an hour, full-time schedules, and respect at work — workers like Sheena Kennedy.   


Sheena is a working mom with three children. She is also a survivor of domestic violence who is doing everything she can to make a better life for her family. But her job as an Accessories Department Manager at Walmart pays so little that she has to supplement her paycheck with food stamps, WIC and transitional housing. And even with this help, her pay doesn’t leave enough to buy new shoes for her children for the winter. Sheena is one of the millions of moms in low-wage jobs who are trying to support a family on wages that make that all but impossible. In fact, close to a third of women in the low-wage workforce are moms. She is also one of thousands of moms at Walmart who are struggling to support their families on low pay, too few hours, and schedules over which they have little control. Some of these moms have formed their own organization, Respect the Bump, to fight back against Walmart’s unfair and illegal treatment of pregnant workers. Walmart can and must do better. We applaud the brave Walmart moms and all the members of OUR Walmart and Respect the Bump who are standing up for what is right – on Black Friday and every day.  

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