Blog to Rally for Girls’ Sports Day is almost here! Thank you to everyone who has already pledged to blog, tweet, and post to Facebook on December 8th!

Tomorrow is Blog to Rally for Girls’ Sports Day, a day where we can show our support for equal opportunities for girls in sports. Let us celebrate the far-reaching benefits of athletics participation for girls nationwide.

Want to join in to Rally for Girls’ Sports? It’s not too late! You can still sign up for Blog to Rally for Girls’ Sports Day on December 8th. You can also download a graphic for your post.

The focus of our Blog to Rally for Girls’ Sports Day is, “What did you win by playing sports?” Use this question to share your personal stories about the advantages of athletics participation and how it has impacted you and other women in your lives. Even if you don’t have a personal story, you can support girls in sports simply by blogging and/or tweeting about the benefits of girls playing sports!

Continue to spread the word and let’s show what being a girl in sports means to us! Sign up and find out more about the importance of sports to girls.

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