Today is finally Equal Pay Day– the day women have to work into 2014 (in addition to everything they earned in 2013) to earn what men made in 2013. While hardly cause for celebration, at least we finally got there, right?

Not so fast. While women overall reach Equal Pay Day in April, women of color still have a long way to go. That’s because the wage gaps for women of color are substantially wider than for women overall: women overall working full time, year round typically make only 77 percent of what their male counterparts make – for African-American women compared to white, non-Hispanic men this figure is 64 cents – and for Hispanic women it’s only 54 cents.

That means Equal Pay Day for African-American women comes in July.  For Hispanic women it isn’t until November; Hispanic women have to work nearly a whole additional year – full time – to equal what white, non-Hispanic men made the previous year. (For white, non-Hispanic women, who make 78 cents for every dollar paid to white, non-Hispanic men, Equal Pay Day is in April.)

So while marking Equal Pay Day this year, don’t forget that many women have even farther to go.

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